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Hang on to those final tastes of summer with delicious smoothie recipes – featuring a colorful rainbow of fruits and veggies. Smoothies are versatile, customizable, and transportable making them a great choice for quick, healthy, on-the-go meals for anyone in your family. Plus, they are great for using up the surplus of veggies from your garden (toss in a handful of kale!). Our partner and Bcorp friends at Full Circle make these smoothies even cooler by serving them in their Hydrate Mate glass bottles.

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Starting with our home state of Vermont – the Green Mountain Smoothie is loaded with vitamin-rich kale (remember that garden surplus?) and Greek-style yogurt for a protein packed smoothie. This recipe also calls for apple cider and we’re just a few weeks away from local, freshly pressed apple cider from your local orchard!

Speaking of protein-packed, our Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie has over 33g of protein per serving making this an excellent choice for breakfast or post-workout. Use fresh or frozen raspberries – perhaps you froze some you picked earlier this summer – and enjoy this scrumptious smoothie:

What could be better than sipping a creamsicle smoothie to enjoy those waning summer days – this Raspberry Creamsicle Smoothie hits the mark with its dreamy, creamy flavors. Doesn’t it look dazzling in this pretty glass water bottle?

Here’s a great smoothie recipe for the kids. Easy to whip up before the bus arrives using frozen bananas and frozen grapes, along with our 2% Vanilla Bean Greek-Style Yogurt, grape juice, and a pinch of cinnamon. This smoothie is a delicious and healthy way to start the morning.

And finally, enjoy a taste of paradise with our Tropical Paradise Smoothie full of sunshine-y frozen mango. Blend it up and enjoy while watching the sunset for a special evening treat.

The last smoothie recipe we’re sharing is from our friends at Full Circle Home. The We’re Going Full Circle Smoothie is perfect for fueling up after an intense workout! With Cabot Greek-Style Yogurt, fresh fruit, and some fresh spinach this smoothie is one that you’ll be enjoying again and again.

So enjoy those final days of summer by sipping these smoothies and get creative with making your own – frozen fruit, Greek-Style Yogurt, a liquid of your choice and a gorgeous Full Circle Bottle are all you need to make the most scrumptious smoothies you can dream up. Just be sure to enjoy slowly to avoid brain-freeze!

Cabot Creamery Smoothies

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