The Smoothie Solution

Gone are the days of overly simple smoothies made from just milk and fruit.  

Don’t get us wrong. We love some of those classic combos, but current smoothie trends have shown us that all kinds of healthy foods (think grains, veggies and even kombucha!) can easily make their way into our smoothie cup, thanks in no small part to the improved power of high-speed blenders. Smoothies are the perfect solution to the never-ending problem of needing to sneak more healthy foods into our diets each day. 

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Plus, smoothies are versatile, customizable and scalable… from single serve smoothies, to make-ahead freezer “smoothies-in-a-bag” to big pitchers of smoothies, you can scale up or scale down most any recipe. The more popular smoothie combos are a fiber-filled, protein rich smoothie made with an instant oatmeal packet, flax seed, whey powder, nonfat yogurt and spinach…and this Strawberry Oat Smoothie! 

Need some other ideas for ways to create a healthy smoothie recipe? Check these out: 

Starting with our home state of Vermont – the Green Mountain Smoothie is loaded with vitamin-rich kale and Greek-style yogurt for a protein packed smoothie. This recipe also calls for apple cider. If you’re lucky you can score some local, freshly pressed apple cider from your local orchard!


Sweet tooth got chocolate on your mind? This Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie has over 33g of protein per serving making it an excellent choice for breakfast or post-workout. Use fresh or frozen raspberries for a deceivingly indulgent, but healthy sweet treat. 


Not a fan of snacking on carrots? You will be once you taste this Carrot Cake Smoothie! Sweetened with pineapple and sporting a fresh ginger kick, this veggie-based smoothie is a treat you don’t want to miss. 


Using yogurt in smoothies has always been a great way to ensure you’re sipping on a big glass of healthy probiotics. But this Banana Mango Smoothie goes a step further by adding in kombucha. Try it! Your tummy (and taste buds) will be glad you did!  


Love those popular fall lattes but need something cooler (and more filling) to sip on this morning? You’ll love this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. The addition of pumpkin adds to its fiber-filling staying power and is just another example of how a smoothie easily offers the best way to sip your way to eating more veggies. 


If you remember chilling out on a hot summer day with a creamsicle, you’re going to love this Raspberry Creamsicle Smoothie. A unique combo of raspberries and OJ, it’s refreshing while also offering a protein boost by incorporating Greek yogurt. If you want to level up the taste and satisfaction factor of ANY smoothie, try subbing in one of our new Triple Cream Greek Yogurts for your regular Greek yogurt. The luscious, creamy taste not only makes it a more decadent tasting treat, but the natural dairy fat gives it staying power to keep you feeling full all morning long.  

We hope these ideas offer some new ideas to get you started sipping your way through more healthy smoothies. But don’t be afraid to mix it up with your own new combo!  


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Terri | July 15, 2021 | 4:46pm

I would love to see some regular old time smoothie recipes. Thanks

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