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As volunteering is so ingrained in our farm family owner’s way of life, Cabot is committed to honoring the work of volunteers across the country. Through that lens we have had the great opportunity to meet some incredible people, doing incredible things.  Sean Evans and the Serve Moore organization are an example of this and as we aim to amplify the good, we thought we’d share their story.

Volunteering orgs like @ServeMoore are changing their communities. You can too. Read more on the @cabotcheese blog 


In 2013, an EF5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma destroying homes, businesses, and two elementary schools.  In the wake of that devastating natural disaster volunteers came out by the thousand to help clean up the town.  ‘Serve Moore’ was created in the days immediately following the tornado and nearly two years later their good works continue.  This mission has shifted from tornado relief to community renewal.  The group has become an integral part of everyday life, even restoring an old truck to help spread their message to #ServeEvenMore wherever they go!


“All we did to start Serve Moore was to pick up a rake, put on a pair of gloves, and start picking up debris in lawns around town. We really just found a project and people that meant a lot to us and started working to help them where they needed it. Certainly, the story grew from there and lots of people ended up coming to #ServeMoore with us.” – Sean Evans, Serve Moore.


The story of Moore is not unlike others around the country.  Rallying in times of disaster to ensure people survive through extreme conditions.  Disaster doesn’t have to be the only spark though.  You can be the spark!  At Cabot, our farm family owners are committed to honoring the efforts of volunteers everywhere.  It led to the creation of Reward Volunteers, where you can find organizations, log time spent volunteering and motivate your social networks.

Community renewal movements like the one currently underway in Moore don’t just appear one day.  They have to grow over time and volunteering provides the essential vitamins needed for that growth. So as spring continues to roll towards summer get out there and spark others to volunteer!

Cabot is owned by 1,200 dairy farm families in New York and New England.  Our farm family owners play an integral role in their local communities, volunteering at food shelters, fire companies, town councils and youth activities. We created Reward Volunteers, an online program that allows volunteers to track and share the time they spend helping others, to promote the virtues of volunteerism.  At the end of each month, Cabot rewards volunteers for their hard work with a variety of prizes. Participation is absolutely free, and more information is available at

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Nate is honored to help convey the story of Cabot Creamery Cooperative’s 1200 farm family owners and the good work they do in their communities and around the nation. Nate hails from the great state of New Hampshire but likes to say he was New Hampshire raised and Vermont aged!  Outside of his time at Cabot you can find him skiing in the mountains, golfing in the valleys and enjoying time with his wife. 

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