Cabot's Favorite Snack Tips for Kids

For kids on the go (and when aren’t they on the go?), the Cabot team has tons of great, wholesome, fun snack ideas to help you keep them going strong!
Thanks to input from several of our farmer-owner, our expert recipe development team and even a few folks at the home office, here are some proven power snacks to try with your family. (Shout-out to Cabot farmers ~ Alison Kosakowski Conant, Joanna Lidback, Beth Kennett, Amy Richardson, Jessica Ziehm ~ and Cabot HQ team members, Nick Managan and Sara Wing, for sharing their own family favorites.)the_kids

Dip it!

Little hands love to dunk. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and Cabot dips all work great for everything from fresh veggie sticks; fruit slices and berries; to pretzels, tortilla chips or animal crackers. Swirl a little Nutella or cocoa powder and a little maple syrup into plain yogurt, or amp up our strawberry yogurt with some chunky jam. On the savory side, stir a dollop of salsa into cottage cheese or plain yogurt or try more yogurt-based dip ideas here. fun_dips

Pair it!

Apple and cheddar are the perennial perfect partners, whether it’s the simple but always satisfying apple slices layered with Cracker Cuts, cubes of apple skewered with cubes of Cabot’s World Championship-winning mild cheddar, or take it up one (easy) notch with this warm, melty quesadilla that kids can even help make themselves.

Pack it!

Short of time for breakfast as you get everyone out the door, or need a quick mid-morning snack? Layer yogurt, dry cereal and berries into mini parfaits or simply stir cereal into yogurt for less spills than milk and easy packing. Another great on-the-go breakfast or protein-packed snack are these cute and portable egg “cups” baked in muffin tins. Added bonus: they’re a great way to use up leftover veggies and cooked meats and can be made in mini-muffin tins for tiny hands (just cut the baking time a bit).

Pizza it!

Kids + pizza = <3. Use a small cookie cutter to cut rounds from cheese slices, then stack with pepperoni and small tomato slices to make “pizza” stackers. Create a mini chessboard with Cracker Cuts, turkey pepperoni, halved cherry tomatoes and whole grain crackers. Or give one of these creative pizza twists a whirl:

Freeze it!

Make mini frozen yogurt bites (just spoon thick Greek yogurt onto a parchment-lined pan) or popsicles using ice cube trays with flavored Greek yogurt. (For pops, allow yogurt to set up slightly in the freezer and then insert a craft stick for a handle.) You can do the same with any of the many creative smoothie recipes on the Cabot website like this Strawberry Oat Smoothiestrawberry_yogurt_smoothie

Crunch it!

Passionate about popcorn? Try sprinkling freshly popped popcorn with finely shredded cheese for ooey, gooey crunchiness. Kids will take pride in building their own snacks like loaded nachos: layer tortilla chips with rinsed black beans, top with Cabot’s new Mexican blend shreds,  serve with salsa and sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.
Shredded Cheese Hacks

Head over here for more fun ways to get kids into cooking!

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