Stress-Less Dinner Substitutions

We’ve all been there. It’s 5 pm on a weeknight and you need to get dinner on the table to feed the family.

You scroll through your favorite recipe sites, including our robust selection of healthy, delicious meals. You find a perfect recipe and scan the ingredients list: Check. Check. Check. Until, unfortunately, nope, don’t have that–and there’s no time to run to the store.

But wait, with just a little creativity and confidence, you’ve got this!

These favorite go-to dinner recipes all feature the bold taste of our farmers’ award-winning products, plus some ideas for easy subs and variations. The more you experiment, the better you’ll get at finding scrumptious substitutions that don’t compromise on flavor.

Sheet Pan Frittata

A frittata is the ultimate canvas for almost any ingredient, perfect for dinner or brunch. Our luscious Sheet Pan Frittata features onion, peppers, tomatoes, and Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar, but you can use just about any cooked or sauteed vegetable, even thawed frozen peas, green beans or chopped broccoli. Or dice up leftover rotisserie chicken, deli ham or smoked turkey, crumbled bacon or browned sausage. Have fun with it!

Baked Beef Tacos

Our beefy, cheesy Baked Tacos with smooth melting Monterey Jack come together in a snap and can easily be made with ground chicken or turkey. Go vegetarian by subbing in canned beans, diced mushrooms, or a mixture of chopped cauliflower and sauteed sweet potato. Don’t have tomato paste? Ketchup works fine. And don’t be shy about using taco seasoning blend instead of the spices and fresh garlic in a pinch.

Creamy and Cheesy Couscous with Black Beans

We love Israeli (pearl) couscous, a small, peppercorn-sized pasta, and our lusciously cheesy version made with our farmers’ bold Extra Sharp Cheddar cooks the couscous and its rich, creamy cheese sauce in one pot for a cozy, one-pot wonder. Depending on what’s handy, you can sub any small pasta shape like orzo or elbow macaroni. Water can easily be subbed for the chicken broth and in place of the black beans, try stirring in thawed frozen peas, edamame, or corn.

Prosciutto and Pesto Naan Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, but rolling out dough is not everyone’s idea of a simple weeknight dinner. That’s what makes our crispy Naan Pizza, made with store-bought, pre-made naan so simple and delicious. Sub in whatever ingredients you have on hand and make it your own. Pesto works great with prosciutto and Cabot Cheddar. No red sauce? No problem! Sub in salsa for a Mexican-themed pizza crowned with corn and black beans. Top with zesty Cabot Pepper Jack, or Habanero Cheddar if you’re in the mood to spice things up.

Southwestern Pasta Bake

Cheesy baked pasta is a comfort food classic, and our Southwestern Pasta Bake with luscious New York Extra Sharp Cheddar is a delicious canvas for whatever ingredients you have on hand. Make it with Italian sausage—sweet or hot—with dried oregano for Mediterranean flare. Or stir in warm roasted veggies for a hearty meat-free version. Or try ground beef sauteed with mushrooms seasoned with a touch of nutmeg and dollop of Dijon mustard, then finished with a swirl of tangy Cabot Greek Yogurt for a stroganoff-style twist.

And speaking of Greek yogurt, our farmers have delicious ideas for how to get more of that rich, creamy goodness into all of your recipes whether you’re dipping, souping, stewing or baking. Click here to get started!

Thanks as always for supporting our farmer-owned co-op. Your support means the world to our farmers, and to all of us here at Cabot. Get more delicious recipes here.

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