Dispatch from the Northeast: Summer Fun and Gratitude

The colors of autumn draw the crowds, but some would argue early summer foliage may give fall a run for its money.  As the land comes back to life following the long winter, greens of every shade fill the previously blank canvas. 

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It is an exciting time as the people of the northeast emerge from winter ready to enjoy the outdoors.  The days lengthen, farmers’ markets return, and community concerts provide the perfect soundtrack to stunning sunsets. 

As for the summer of 2018, in a word: HOT.  In a corner of the world where winter’s chill remains in place until late April, a heatwave actually receives more attention than a foot of snowfall.  For the farm families who own Cabot, heatwaves carry the same meaning as a cold snaps: the work continues. There are cows to care for, keep cool, and milk twice a day.  There is hay to be harvested and baled and farm stands to stock with fresh produce.  There are no days off.

While Cabot farmers remain busythey continue to spread theimessage of gratitude to like-minded people working to improve local communitiesCabot’s Traveling Ambassadors have been out on the road representing our farmers and thanking volunteers, fire houses, town officials, and non-profit groups through our Random Acts of Cheddar”.  They are unannounced visits across the country where the farmers’ cheddar and a hearty thanks are handed out! 

Whether kayaking, hiking the high peaks, pedaling the ever-expanding network of mountain bike trails, or even just enjoying a “creemee” (what we call soft serve ice cream!) there is no shortage of activity to enjoy on these long summer days. 

Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to head out later in the day, just in time to catch the sun fall behind the mountains, light a campfire with friends, and enjoy some cheddar s’mores with Cabot Cracker Cuts 


Summer creates opportunities for communities to come together whether at an arts festival or around the grill in the backyard.  People are out, upbeat, and connecting.  It’s a time of year to take in the beauty around us, cherish moments with family and friends, and reconnect with our ever-changing landscape.  It is one of the best parts about living in a place with such distinct seasons, we can never get too comfortable as we know the next season will soon be here.

Now, if we could just find a local to tell us where to tell us where this swimming hole is, summer would be complete! 

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Margarete | August 23, 2018 | 9:10am

My guess is Seven Tubs Wilderness Area, Pennsylvania!

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