Healthy Summer Salad Inspiration

When hungry mouths ask “What’s for dinner,” “A healthy salad” may not always sound like the most filling answer . But there’s nothing skimpy about a salad when you have a host of hearty, healthy recipes to choose from! From salad recipes with chicken to bean-based salad recipes for vegetarians, we’ve got you covered with these big bowls of greens topped with our favorite salad ingredients.

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A classic chef’s salad (pictured above) is super-filling thanks to the hearty helping of protein that’s usually served on top.

Southwest Chopped Salad

If you prefer a hearty vegetarian salad for a filling lunch, this Southwest Chopped Salad is it! Filled with romaine, black beans, avocado, corn, cubed Cabot Sharp Cheddar, tomatoes, jicama, and cilantro, it’s a delicious dish that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Power Salad

Packed with chicken, veggies and Cabot Cheddar and topped with a tangy, homemade dill dressing, this Power Salad is a healthy, filling way to fuel up your lunch.

Jalapeno Rotini Salad

Who says salad is only about the greens? For a heartier main dish, we love using pasta as the base and adding veggies plus protein for a super satisfying salad. Cabot Jalapeno Light adds the right amount of heat to balance this cooling spring pasta salad.

Summer Bread Salad

Our twist on classic panzanella, this summer bread salad features garden veggies and herbs, and is topped with our own classic — Cabot Sharp Cheddar. Surprisingly easy to make, a bread salad is a great addition to any summer gathering or easy, evening meal.

Make Your Own Dressing

When you’re short on salad ingredients, one of the best ways to take a bowl of greens from good to great is to whip up your own tasty salad dressing. These three are our tried-and-true favorites your whole family will enjoy using our protein-filled Greek Yogurt or sour cream!

Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing 

Creamy Cheddar Salad Dressing 

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing 

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