Take a Bite out of Fall

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An Apple a Day….Plus Cabot Cheddar!

Our time has arrived, fellow lovers of cool weather! Those of us who have eagerly awaited fall no longer need to skulk around and hide our love for all things autumnal. We can break out and justifiably don scarves, boots, and sweaters instead of staring at them longingly in our closets. Road side stands are brimming with pumpkins and apples and gourds of –quite literally- every stripe.

Tomatoes get all the attention for being less than ideal in the off-season, and honestly, I get it. Winter tomatoes? Sad. But people, there’s NOTHING in all of this enormous world of ours that compares to the juicy crunch of a fall-fresh apple and –conversely- not much more disappointing than a sad, soft, mealy storage apple. So many apples; so little autumn! We must strike while the apple is crisp and get as much from this glorious time of the food year as we can!

Where do we start with all this bounty? Apples have a lot of great pairings, but there are few more natural than the sharp bite of Cabot Cheddar. Take a bite out of fall with these fantabulous fall recipes from your friends at Cabot Cheese!

Spicy Arugula Cheddar Apple Salad

Apple Cranberry and Cheddar Muffins

Caramel Apple Cheddar Ice Cream

Cheddar Pizettes with Apple

Apple Cheddar Cobbler

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