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reganjonesThese tips for Nutrition Know How come from Regan Jones, RD who is part of the Cabot Health Team. Follow the team on twitter!

New Year’s resolutions have faded. The Valentine chocolates have been eaten. Is it time around your house to take stock of how well those healthy eating in 2015 habits are settling in?

According to Cabot’s team of registered dietitians, March is the perfect time! This month dietitians across the country celebrate nutrition month as a way to encourage people to stick with those new healthy eating plans and habits they dreamed of in January. The goal is to spread the word that focusing on making smart food choices (and of course, getting daily exercise) can help people maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of disease.

It’s Nutrition Month! Make better choices w tips from @cabotcheese’s @ReganJonesRD for a better 2015


Here are some tips on smart food choices:

  • A balanced plate: we’re not talking balancing as you overfill it and put it on the table! A “balanced plate” means making half your plate fruits and vegetables, and then adding lean protein, whole grains and dairy foods.
  • Choose smart and healthy snacks: what you choose to snack on each day can have a huge influence on how hungry (or not hungry) you are later in the day. Make sure your snacks always include some protein like cheese, Greek-yogurt or nuts/nut butters to help keep you feeling full.
  • Eat with a purpose: when, where and how you enjoy your food is sometimes just as important as “what” you eat. Research shows that if we take time to enjoy what we’re eating, it helps to satisfy us later on.

A few healthy recipes to keep you on track this month:

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Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thhgour.

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