True Celebrity: Empowering Employees to Act

Social responsibility has become a focus for many businesses across the country. Companies dedicating time, resources, and profit to better the communities in which they do business. Yet the goal of doing good couldn’t be realized without one key ingredient: People. Employees are often the drivers of a company’s charitable outreach.

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Teri Lozano and John Ward work at AT&T, one of the world’s largest communications companies. They have both seen the company evolve as the cellphone revolution has unfolded. The company has also become a force for volunteerism through AT&T Pioneers, an award-winning network of volunteers who effect immediate and tangible change in our local communities.

Teri Lozano (second from left) with her fellow AT&T Pioneers.

Teri Lozano (second from left) with her fellow AT&T Pioneers.

Teri is a customer service representative in Texas. As an AT&T Pioneer she works to make the lives of children at a local school better. She coordinates school supplies drives, as well as gift certificate drives for kids and their families around the holiday season.

John Ward lives in North Carolina and serves as president of his local Pioneers chapter. By day he is a customer service trainer working to help 600 agents provide customers with answers to their questions. Outside of the office he is a champion of preventing juvenile diabetes, organizing a road race to raise awareness and funds.

Another type of business closely tied to local communities is the grocery store. Beyond food and provisions, the store serves as the place where neighbors catch up and friends reunite. The stores are often a central place for charitable efforts and programs as well.

Frank Vassallo, an employee at King Kullen Supermarkets on Long Island, New York, works to increase the reach of the store’s impact on the local community. Frank, along with his co-workers, organize many volunteer days, food drives, and fundraisers for employees to take part in. When not giving time on behalf of King Kullen, Frank also volunteers with a youth lacrosse league in his town.

Jim McBride, an employee at Hannaford Supermarkets in the Northeast, has worked with the Red Cross to set up employee blood drives throughout the year. He also participates in the company’s United Way days of service and serves on numerous neighborhood action committees.

The efforts of Jim, Frank, John and Teri are backed by their employer, but they are really grassroots in nature. Whether it is selling the latest iPhone or that perfect piece of produce, companies are looking to make a difference. That impact is amplified when their employees are encouraged and empowered to step up to improve local communities. It’s a company culture that inspires good acts and fosters a brighter future for people far and wide.

Jim McBride volunteering with Hannaford.

Jim McBride volunteering with Hannaford.

The farm families who own Cabot often volunteer in the communities in which they live and they hope to inspire others to do the same. The Cabot Community Celebrity Cruise was created to honor outstanding individuals in communities across the country committed to changing lives for the better. Over the next few months we will put the spotlight on these celebrities, who can inspire us all into action.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative and their partners are working to evolve the notion of celebrity as recognition of community service and volunteerism. The 1200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative are often the first to volunteer in their own communities and that spirit of giving back permeates all we do. The Cabot Community Celebrities, along with our Reward Volunteers program, and the traveling Cabot Gratitude Grille illustrate the many ways our dairy farm families honor, amplify, and reward those who give time to do good.  Even simple acts can lead to big change. We are proud to work with sponsors such as AARP/Create the Good, National Cooperative Bank and the Points of Light’s Hands on Network to celebrate these good people for their good deeds and build networks of help that can last a lifetime.

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