True Celebrity: A Hammer, a Nail, and a Place of Comfort

A roof over our head. It’s simple enough. The comfort it brings, the sense of security, the feeling of place is all very easy to take for granted. Yet for many, a roof is not a reality. For others, the illness of a child forces a family to spend time away from their home. Cabot is proud to honor and partner with organizations working to create change.

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Since being founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than a million families improve their living conditions. The organization has more than 1,400 local affiliates in the United States and more than 70 chapters in countries around the world. They are making the right kind of impact on the world and that impact is delivered through the hands of volunteers.

Sandy Wesch - Cabot Community Celebrity

Sandy Wesch and Habitat Volunteer

Sandy Wesch is one of those volunteers. She has been a part of building several hundred houses in the Dallas area and for the last six years has used her work vacation time to volunteer on international builds in places like Nepal, New Zealand, Madagascar, and beyond.

Sandy Wesch working on a Masonry house in Madagaskar

Sandy Wesch working on a Masonry house in Madagascar

Loretta Hardman is a volunteer for Habitat in Georgetown County, South Carolina. She spends two days a week donating her time to better the lives of others. She also helps with fundraising efforts and at the Habitat ReStore.

Loretta Hardman - Cabot Community Celebrity

Loretta Hardman

Sandy and Loretta are changing the face of their communities and bettering lives through sawdust and the swing of a hammer. Twin brothers Brett and Brandon Gallashaw are also bettering lives by bringing calm and comfort to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.

Gallashaw Brothers - Ronald McDonald House

Brandon & Bretton Gallashaw

The Ronald McDonald House hosts families with an ill child, helping them stay close during extend hospital visits. It may not be home, but it’s a place of comfort during times of incredible stress and emotion. For Brett and Brandon, a high school trip to volunteer at the house was all they needed for inspiration. They have returned every Friday night since that first trip a decade ago, to visit with families, join in a game night, or help with the upkeep of the house.

Volunteers across the country are delivering, creating, and doing good. Regular people that recognize the power good can have on the communities in which they volunteer. Sandy, Loretta, Brett, and Brandon are tremendous examples of this, as are the organizations they work with. They are all true celebrities to the farm families who own Cabot and deserve recognition.

Many more remain without a roof in this world. It’s a sobering thought, but one that reminds us that volunteering, even one brick or caring embrace at a time, makes a difference.

The farm families who own Cabot often volunteer in the communities in which they live and they hope to inspire others to do the same. The Cabot Community Celebrity Cruise was created to honor outstanding individuals in communities across the country committed to changing lives for the better. Over the next few months we will put the spotlight on these celebrities, who can inspire us all into action.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative and their partners are working to evolve the notion of celebrity as recognition of community service and volunteerism. The 1200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative are often the first to volunteer in their own communities and that spirit of giving back permeates all we do. The Cabot Community Celebrities, along with our Reward Volunteers program, and the traveling Cabot Gratitude Grille illustrate the many ways our dairy farm families honor, amplify, and reward those who give time to do good.  Even simple acts can lead to big change. We are proud to work with sponsors such as AARP/Create the Good, National Cooperative Bank and the Points of Light’s Hands on Network to celebrate these good people for their good deeds and build networks of help that can last a lifetime.

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