True Celebrity: Power of a Helping Hand

In the daily grind of life, the inner workings of basic amenities like electricity or transportation or education are not often giving much thought. Yet there are dedicated people behind the scenes making sure homes are powered, roads are passable and children are learning. For some folks the work of keeping a community ticking extends well past their day jobs.

For some folks the work of keeping a community ticking extends well past their day jobs. #TrueCelebrity #RewardVolunteers Click To Tweet

John May works for a rural electric co-op that brings power to 16,000 homes in eastern Kentucky. The local power co-op is a member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, which serves and supports 900 electric cooperatives providing electricity to more than 42 million people in 47 states.

John May during a rescue operation - Cabot Community Celebrity

John May during a rescue operation.

John spends much of his time outside the office as a member of Wolfe County Search and Rescue aiding those in need of help at the Red River Gorge, a popular tourist destination near his home. The rescue missions for the all-volunteer unit are often perilous and save lives that are at serious risk.

Amy Abbatiello took an interest in Florida’s Orange County Public Schools, when her daughters began going to school in the district.

Amy Abbatiello - Cabot Community Celebrity

Amy Abbatiello

What she saw was families in need of help to make ends meet at home. She launched and staffs a weekly food shelf program in the district that works to make sure those in need of food get it.

When vehicle traffic moves smoothly in Fairfax County, Virginia, David Kline is a happy man. He is a traffic planner looking at future transportation needs for the county. He also gives his time through Volunteer Fairfax to help families navigate the traffic jams of life. As a supervised visitation monitor for the county’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, he brings fractured families together to heal.

David Kline outside the building where he helps families reunite - Cabot Community Celebrity

David Kline outside the building where he helps families reunite.

The farm families who own Cabot spend their days on the farm working towards producing the highest quality milk. They also take time to be leaders in the towns they live in, creating a brighter local community in the process. John, Amy, and David mirror our farm family’s commitment. They are empowering people to live better and brighter lives. They are putting a fresh shine on what it means to be a celebrity in our society.

The farm families who own Cabot often volunteer in the communities in which they live and they hope to inspire others to do the same. The Cabot Community Celebrity Cruise was created to honor outstanding individuals in communities across the country committed to changing lives for the better. Over the next few months we will put the spotlight on these celebrities, who can inspire us all into action.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative and their partners are working to evolve the notion of celebrity as recognition of community service and volunteerism. The 1200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative are often the first to volunteer in their own communities and that spirit of giving back permeates all we do. The Cabot Community Celebrities, along with our Reward Volunteers program, and the traveling Cabot Gratitude Grille illustrate the many ways our dairy farm families honor, amplify, and reward those who give time to do good.  Even simple acts can lead to big change. We are proud to work with sponsors such as AARP/Create the Good, National Cooperative Bank and the Points of Light’s Hands on Network to celebrate these good people for their good deeds and build networks of help that can last a lifetime.

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