True Celebrity: Service from Coast to Coast

Many people focus much of their lives on a career path. While that path can veer in different directions, honing skills for certain jobs throughout one’s life never stops. Those skills are valuable and often useful beyond the walls of an office. People across the country are using their career skills to strengthen their community.

One organization mobilizing and encouraging this is AARP. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for all as we age.   One key component of that is providing volunteer opportunities for people to share their experience, skills and passions in their communities.

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We here at Cabot are proud to work with AARP to amplify the good. Seven outstanding individuals from across America, who give their time through AARP to help others, were recognized as Cabot Community Celebrities. In Oregon, Betty-Coe de Broekert, gives her time to the AARP Driver Safety program, ensuring that as people age they continue to drive safely.

In Indiana, Cindy Hiott and Eric King are making a difference. Cindy, a retired teacher, organized events to collect shoes and coats for those less fortunate in her community. She has also motivated hundreds of other retired teachers in her state to the tune of over one million hours of volunteer time. Eric follows a simple rule in his life: never forget the children or the elderly. He works with the local school district to help kids and with the local hospital to spend time with Alzheimer’s patients.

In the mid-Atlantic, James Wall of North Carolina and Nina Faulk-Knight of Washington, DC work to better living conditions for seniors. James has long volunteered at the policy level, fighting to cover the uninsured, keep auto insurance rates affordable, and preserve important state funding for services. Nina volunteers with AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly, making sure court claims and disputes involving the elderly don’t get lost in the legal system.

Then there is Don Spano in Pennsylvania, who gives countless hours to the AARP Tax-Aide program, which ensures taxes for those in need are filed correctly. In the last tax cycle, his efforts along with those of the 4,000 volunteers he manages, almost 200,000 tax returns were filed in his territory.

AARP Create the Good celebrity nominee Ruth Tschudin has launched multiple charitable organizations helping families and kids in need. She has written a children’s book, served as a foster parent, and rescued a pet in need of a home. Her volunteer work is varied, but Ruth likes to think big in hopes of helping as many people as possible.

Another organization working to make a difference is the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). They are known for their AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs which support service at more than 60,000 locations across the country. They are working to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation.

Rachel Bristol and Frances Roberts are two people giving their time to help further the mission of CNCS. Frances served her country for 22 years before a car accident forced her to leave the military. She turned her focus to veteran’s affairs, helping many of the homeless find homes.

Rachel played an intricate role in getting the statewide Oregon Food Bank off the ground early in her career and continues to volunteer her time to ensure those that need food can not only get it, but also access healthy food.

These are all stories of service. Stories of people taking a lifetime of learning in their careers and applying those skills to help people. This is not an isolated effort. It stretches across the country, from coast to coast, and impacts millions of lives every day. With organizations like AARP and CNCS supporting these volunteers, the reach of goodwill is growing.


The farm families who own Cabot often volunteer in the communities in which they live and they hope to inspire others to do the same. The Cabot Community Celebrity Cruise was created to honor outstanding individuals in communities across the country committed to changing lives for the better. Over the next few months we will put the spotlight on these celebrities, who can inspire us all into action.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative and their partners are working to evolve the notion of celebrity as recognition of community service and volunteerism. The 1200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative are often the first to volunteer in their own communities and that spirit of giving back permeates all we do. The Cabot Community Celebrities, along with our Reward Volunteers program, and the traveling Cabot Gratitude Grille illustrate the many ways our dairy farm families honor, amplify, and reward those who give time to do good.  Even simple acts can lead to big change. We are proud to work with sponsors such as AARP/Create the Good, National Cooperative Bank and the Points of Light’s Hands on Network to celebrate these good people for their good deeds and build networks of help that can last a lifetime.


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