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We know what draws you to Vermont: maple syrup, skiing, foliage, and (of course!) the World’s Best Cheddar. Those are four pretty amazing things, and definitely worth the visit. But have you ever wondered what makes us Vermonters stay?

Sugarbush Mountain

There are a million reasons we could list, and a million more we don’t even know how to put into words. Today we wanted to share just a few—so that the next time you come to Vermont (for the maple, the leaves, the mountains, or the cheese!) you can stay a little longer and experience Vermont like a Vermonter.

Hiking In Vermont

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Worthy Burger

Rachael: “Vermont has epic day trips. Our state roads move with the land, passing through dense forest, lush farm land, and rolling hills. On a nice fall day we’ll take a motorcycle ride up Route 16 up to Parker Pie Co. in West Glover. Parker Pie Co. has the best pizza in VT, with unique toppings, the best crust, it’s all magical. They also have some of the best beers on tap, including a huge selection of Hill Farmstead beer. Another one of my favorite “destination eating spots” is the Worthy Burger in South Royalton VT. It’s a gorgeous drive down Route 110, and worth a little day trip just for the views. But if you’re looking for the best coffee and pastries in my hometown of Montpelier, than you must visit Birchgrove Baking – you won’t be sorry.”

Birchgrove Baking

Nick: “My family loves to be outside, and Vermont is the perfect place to be for outdoor activities, especially in the fall and summer. We visit Farmers’ Markets on a weekly basis. They are a great place to grocery shop, snack, meet neighbors, listen to music and get to know the people producing your food.

Hiking in Vermont

We hike a lot when the weather is nice; there are too many great hikes to possibly mention, but start with anything on the Long Trail (including Camel’s Hump). And always love the hike to Sterling Pond from the Notch Road. If we aren’t up for a climb, we’ll mosey along the Burlington Bike Path or Stowe recreation path. And one of my favorite activities is one I remember from my childhood – the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Now that I live in Central Vermont, I’ve been taking my own family to the Stowe Balloon Fest!”

Dogs and Kids of Vermont

Danielle: “Our biggest city, Burlington, is brimming with things to do and delicious food to eat! In the summer the beaches are hot spots; North Beach is where the college kids go, Oakledge is where the families go, and my favorite semi-secret spot is Leddy Park. When it’s colder out, I love to walk down Church Street, the beautiful open-air marketplace of bars, shops, and restaurants, window shopping, or stopping for a bite to eat at my favorite restaurants.

Hiking in Vermont

On the waterfront I get delicious seafood at Shanty on the Shore, savory and sweet crepes at Skinny Pancake, or a “creemee” at Burlington Bay, where you can sit on their deck and watch the sunset. On Church Street you’ll find something happening year-round. I love it in the winter, when they have the full stretch of the pedestrian-only street bedecked in lights. I go to Sweetwaters if I’m there for lunch, Daily Planet for a drink after work with friends—it has a great vibe—and Leunigs, an Italian-esque place with indoor and outdoor seating right on Church Street, for incredible Sunday brunch and a great wine selection. There is really no bad choice when eating in downtown BTV.”

Hiking in Vermont

Averill: “For me, Vermont’s small towns are its heart. I’m from a small-town in central VT and I’m named for Averill Lake/Pond—depending on what map you look at—in the Northeast Kingdom.

Hiking in Vermont

Things about my teeny-tiny hometown that you can enjoy in any small-town in Vermont: Town Meeting Day (experience democracy for real!), friendly people, local festivals and celebrations (Fall Fest and Memorial Day Parade in my town!), and the winding dirt roads lined with beautiful foliage in the fall and snow-laden trees in the winter.

Hiking in Vermont

The one thing Williamstown, VT has that no one else does: the BEST creemee in VT (by my estimation) at the Pump & Pantry / Sandy’s Dairy Bar. I need a whole post on its own to describe the creemee, but essentially it’s soft serve ice cream, but way, way better. Williamstown is about 15 minutes from Montpelier (a small town by many estimations), where we toss a frisbee in the summer on the State House lawn, and catch movies at the Capitol Theater where they serve popcorn with real Cabot Butter! It’s literally the greatest thing ever. It’s home.”

Hiking in Vermont

Whether you’re visiting our big cities or small towns, coming for a bit of leaf-peeping or a weekend on the slopes, we hope you’ll take a moment to take a deep breath of Vermont. Make yourself at home. Discover a quiet beach or perfect hike in one of our state parks in the summer. Visit a sugar shack in the spring for Maple Weekend. Beat the crowds and hit the slopes on a weekday in the winter. And right now, do your leaf-peeping this fall while you stay with one of our farm families at their B&B, sipping coffee from the wrap-around porch or helping to milk the cows. Taste, see, walk, smell, and drive Vermont like a Vermonter.


Averill (aka <3Ave) is a long-time member of the Cabot team (ca. 2006) and a life-time lover of cheese (the sharper the better!). She’s always been moved by the Cabot commitment to the farmers, our communities, and making quality products. You can catch her on Twitter most of the time, where she leads the @cabotcheese tweeting. When she’s not talking cheese, Averill teaches and studies history, and is working on finishing her PhD.


Peggy B | September 25, 2015 | 2:46pm

I love VT and NH area. Used to go with my Mother who also loved it up there very much. So much that she needed to have her glasses buried on Cemetery Hill. We loved so many towns…Manchester, Woodstock, Stowe, Sharon, so many. And I adored going to Sugar Hill, NH to go to Polly’s Pancake House. I wil probably never go to VT and NH again now that she is gone and so is my husband…(who we took to Morgan Horse farm)…but I took a few photos and had them blown up and are hanging on my wall in the living room to enjoy….Woodstock on the green, Sugar Hill on the road up to Polly’s and of course Polly’s, a marble deserted quarry behind some shrubs and trees on the road to a small town. These give me so many memories. I miss my Vermont Calendar and may have to buy one agan..I used ot get every year! Time ot start getting them again.

Christie Bliss ley | September 26, 2015 | 10:17am

I have lived in Vermont for the past 28 years.
Have loved every minute of it.
Hope to spend the remainder of my days here.

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