“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

– unknown

Volunteering – Everyone’s a Winner!

Volunteers make the world a brighter, more hopeful place for so many. But volunteers also get back as much as they give – and then some. Offering hope and a helping hand to someone in need can transform lives, theirs and yours.

The rewards of service to your community and your fellow citizens have been proven in study after study. According to the experts, active volunteers lead healthier, happier lives, suffer less from depression, have higher brain function, and live longer than their non-volunteering counterparts.

Among the other benefits you can reap from volunteering are:

> Personal enrichment. Volunteering helps expand your worldview. It allows you to walk in someone else’s shoes, understanding their unique challenges.

> Acquiring new skills. Learn to cook for a crowd, read to a group of pre-schoolers, stock shelves at the food pantry, or get some home building skills under your (tool) belt. Volunteering offers opportunities outside of your comfort zone, helping you grow in knowledge and experience.

> Getting to know your community in a new way. Volunteers help to staff local resource centers, senior facilities, animal shelters, building crews, hospices, and more. Knowing how your community functions gives you a greater understanding and appreciation of those institutions.

> Increasing your circle of friends. It’s almost impossible not to bond with those who volunteer alongside you and those you serve. Friendship is the glue that holds a vibrant community together.
> Building confidence. It’s hard to be a shrinking violet when you volunteer; your time, skill, and passion are in great demand. The more you show up, the easier it becomes, and the more confidence you gain.

Reward Volunteers

The farm families who own Cabot believe in the power of volunteering. They are dedicated volunteers in their own communities. Whether it’s on the Fire Department, the town council, at church, or in schools.

Cabot farmers understand the volunteers are the backbone of a thriving community. That’s why Cabot created Reward Volunteers, a free volunteer management system that enables you to easily track the time you spend volunteering at non-profit organizations in your community.

But there’s more. When you log your time using this web-based program, you have the chance to earn rewards in cash or prizes for your contributions – and the organizations you serve have the opportunity to win rewards as well! Reward Volunteers enables you to:

> Conveniently track and log time spent volunteering from any web-friendly device, such as a Smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer.

> Post your volunteer activity to Facebook.

> Discover volunteer opportunities that are available near you.

> Engage with other volunteers in your community.

Win prizes for yourself and your beneficiary organizations – the more hours accrued and the more sharing that occurs through Facebook, the greater your chances of winning.

If You Cook It, They Will Come

Everyone at Cabot knows that volunteering is hungry work. That’s why Cabot’s Department of Gratitude created The Farmers’ Gratitude Grille. This state-of-the-art traveling kitchen feeds volunteers where the important work of volunteering is done. From the annual build-out in Dallas for the National Habitat for Humanity’s restoration of over 100 homes to the DC area’s most needy food banks, the Grille and its dedicated staff are there to serve wholesome, delicious meals to hard working volunteers.

We created three tasty, nutritious recipes to serve crowds of hungry volunteers, each one featuring The World’s Best Cheddar. These dishes have drawn rave reviews from around the country.

Grateful volunteers swear by Cabot CEO Ed Townley’s Barbecue Enchiladas for a Crowd. Their flavorful south-of-the-border taste will have crowds of volunteers or partygoers begging for more! 

Cabot’s recipe for Pimento Grilled Cheese is an absolute favorite on The Gratitude Grille. It takes a humble grilled cheese and elevates it to superstar status. And our yummy Pimento Cheese couldn’t be easier to make. Pimento cheese isn’t just a Southern thing anymore!

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? Chef Jimmy’s version – Tomato Basil Mac & Cheese  – makes the ordinary extraordinary. Fresh tomatoes and basil combined with the taste of sharp Cabot Cheddar is a match made in cheese-lover’s heaven.

Don’t forget, these recipes aren’t just for volunteers. They’re perfect for any large gathering, from family get-togethers to potluck suppers and beyond.

Join us in celebrating National Volunteer Week and honoring all the volunteers who make their communities better places to live, work, play…and eat. Bon appétit, everyone!

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Candace Karu reports on all there is to discover and love about food and farming as well as communicating Cabot’s mission to support community, volunteerism, and sustainability. Whether online, on air, or in person, her job is to amplify the passion and commitment of the 1,000 farm families who own Cabot. When Candace is not representing Cabot, she lives, cooks, and works out in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

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