Volunteering with Kids: Teaching a Lifetime of Good


It’s such a joy to represent the farm families who own Cabot traveling and thanking volunteers wherever we go. We’ve met inspirational volunteers in big cities, small towns, and suburbs and they have two very important things in common. They all prioritize doing good work in their communities, although they are busy like all of us, and they believe that their action can make a difference. Volunteering is a choice and a defining choice, at that. It becomes a part of who we are.

What better way to celebrate the importance and the joy of taking action than to pass it on to the next generation? Providing opportunities to volunteer as a family and bring your children into the action will not only demonstrate the importance of helping in your community, it is fun!

Top Ten Things You Can Teach Your Kids When You Volunteer as a Family:

  1. Together you can make your community a better place – for all.
  2. Helping others feels good.
  3. Families make great teams.
  4. Giving something up for someone else can be rewarding.
  5. Look outside of yourself.
  6. You and your family can learn about people who may not be just like you – your world grows
  7. Learn new skills; try new things.
  8. Active way to use ‘free’ time – instead of staring at a screen. Do something!
  9. Be responsible – make and keep commitments.
  10. Small actions can have big impact.

Our friends at Create the Good have written a great article about Family Volunteering and if you go to their site, you can find many age appropriate opportunities. There’s certain to be something that speaks to you. But you can also create your own project like picking up trash at the local park, planting flowers, or collecting towels for the local pet shelter. And there are often volunteer options through your school and community groups.

Whatever you choose, volunteering has lasting benefits for your family and your community.

Some additional resources:

Tips for Volunteering with Kids from PBS Parents

40 Ways Kids Can Volunteer, Toddler to Teen from Laura Grace Weldon

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