Warm Weather Cooking with Gifts from the Garden

Healther Scholten, Farmgirl Gourmet

We’re pleased to be featuring blogger and recipe developer Heather of Farmgirl Gourmet. She shares with us her favorite ways to embrace the farm-to-table movement, and creative ideas for incorporating fresh vegetables into your next meal.

Let Cabot help you with meals that are full of nutrition, flavor…and fun!

Spring has sprung and locally grown fruits and vegetables are popping up at local farmers markets across the country.  I’m a big advocate of growing your own when and where you can. I love gardens packed with colorful and nutritious vegetables and fruit and nothing is quite as satisfying as growing your own food. In addition, I really enjoy the work that goes into making a summer garden part of the pleasure of the season.  With advances in grow bags even a small footprint like a balcony can now be your very own garden.

If a green thumb isn’t your strong suit, why not try sampling the bounty at your local CSA (community supported agriculture) or farmers market? Weekend farmers markets are a fun – and educational – way to involve the whole family in healthy meal planning for the week. The farm-to-table movement is also another passion of mine, I like to patronize restaurants that embrace buying their meat, fruit, and vegetables from local farmers and ranchers; it’s yet one more way to eat closer to home and help sustain agriculture in your community.

Now is the perfect time to make meal preparation a family affair. Even the youngest chefs can help shell green peas, shuck corn, or snap pole beans. Warmer spring days can offer a great excuse to step away from the stove or oven and make a big, colorful salad for dinner, Add grated Cabot Cheddar for even more flavor and a boost of protein. Make a dressing with Cabot Greek-Style Yogurt to up the protein power of a salad even more – not to mention the creamy texture, and tangy taste that Greek yogurt can add to the mix.

~Heather Farmgirl Gourmet

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Five Tips for a Fantastic Father’s Day 

  1. Start the Day with His Favorite Breakfast – Is your Dad an Elvis fan? Make him a Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie. Maybe eggs are more his style. Tempt him with this easy, cheesy Frittata. Is he a fan of something sweet? These Chocolate Chunk Pancakes will put a smile on his face.

Cooking with Cabot - Father's Day Breakfast Recipes

  1. Make Him the Perfect Card – Nothing says, “This card is from the heart…not a last-minute drug store purchase” quite like a homemade card. Put your deepest sentiments – and all your artistic abilities – into making it. Scan your favorite picture of him, write him a poem, and let him know just how much he means to you.
  1. Give Him the Gift of Time – Take him to a ball game. Plan a beach day or a camping trip. Ride bikes, go kayaking, play ball.
  1. Give Him a Gift He’ll Really Love – Don’t default to the easiest gift ideas; this means definitely no ties. Give him a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention. Is he a grill master? Give him new grilling tools to make his job even easier. Is he a fitness fanatic? How about a fitness-tracking device to help him up his game? Does your dad love video games? Find one you can play together.
  1. Make Him Proud – Volunteer your time in his honor. Tutor a younger student or help an elderly neighbor. Take out the trash without being asked. Mow the lawn and make your bed. Be the kind of kid your dad knows you are.

Here are some of our favorite recipes that the whole family will love.

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