Blue Slope Country Museum & Farm

North Franklin, CT
380 acres
115 milking cows

From antique tools to goats

From running an agricultural museum to raising meat goats, the Staebner family might win the prize for the most diverse dairy farming operation. Three generations work together across the variety of enterprises: Ernie and Sandy; their sons Craig and Jeff; along with Craig’s wife, Anne, and their grown sons, Matt and Hale. Blue Slope goes back another generation to 1940 when Matt and Hale’s great-grandparents, Alfred and Vivian, originally purchased the farm.

Visitors can take a wagon ride pulled by draft horses.
The Staebners not only produce milk, they haul it, too.
"I enjoy the nature, the livestock and working with my family. That's what this life is, and I am glad for it."
- Hale Staebner

There’s always something going on at Blue Slope Farm and Country Museum. Keep up with the Staebners and their #FarmLife. 

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