Blue Spruce Farm

Bridport, VT
3,000 acres

Building a family

Norman and Mary-Rose Audet of Bridport, Vermont purchased the Blue Spruce Farm in 1958, and they quickly went to work raising a family of five and building a farm for the ages. Of the five adult Audet children, four work full-time with their families. The fifth returns each summer to work with her family as well. And if that weren't enough, the third generation is now entering the work force. Their career choice? Return to their roots and work the family farm they love so much. Says Marie Audet, wife of oldest son, Eugene: "This is not an easy way to make a living, and we have to become extremely efficient in every area of our operations in order to survive a volatile dairy market." 

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Watch Agri-Mark Board Member, Eugene Audet, talk about life on the farm.


Magic - and science - of manure


The nutrient rich byproducts of the recycling process are used for fertilizer, and the safe and odorless solid matter that remains is used as "bedding" for the cows. Instead of spending $1,500 every week purchasing sawdust to use as bedding, the Audets now use a recycled product already available on the farm. Nothing gets ignored, nothing gets wasted. Not only are the Audets great dairy farmers, they are also blazing a trail as wonderful stewards of the environment. Listen to what Marie Audett has to say about Cover Crops for clean water and protected healthy soil, and then visit the Audet Family to experience all this yourself.

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