Carey Farm

Burke, NY
416 acres
122 cows

Proving himself

Matt Carey and six generations of the Carey family have called the dairy farming town of Burke in Northeast New York home since 1891. Located near the northern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, the property is just 12 miles from the Canadian border. Matt was a senior in high school when he started working on the farm full-time after his father became ill. The young man made arrangements with his school in order to take care of the farm work while finishing up his degree. “I had to do everything, but it worked for me,” says Matt. “I proved I could do it, both to myself and to my father. Right after he graduated, his family made him an offer to become a partner.

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Helping hands

Matt’s mother, Nancy, helps out by keeping the books, and Matt also gets strong support from his girlfriend, Shannon Barber. They met in a café in Plattsburgh while Matt was attending a speed-dating event. After having no luck with “dates,” he struck up a conversation with Shannon, who ironically was just sitting at the bar. “I asked her out, and we’ve been together since,” says Matt. “She quickly became enamored with farm life, and loves working driving the tractors.”

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