Chambers Valley Farm

Salem, NY
1,200 acres
1,500 cows

Stays in the family

Bob Chambers and his brother Jim own the 1200-acre Chambers Valley Farm in Salem, New York.  It’s been in the family for four generations, and surely more Chambers will follow.  Lissa, Bob’s daughter, graduated college three years ago with a degree in “ag business,” and she’s barely left the farm since.  Bob and Jim try to give all the employees every other weekend off, but that’s only “off season” when they’re not planting or harvesting crops, or when a heifer isn’t having problems calving, or when there’s no extra work to do.  That is to say, periodic weekends off are a goal, never a guarantee.  It just goes with the territory.

Learning on the farm

Of course the Chambers Valley Farm is open to all school groups, passers-by, and high school students.  The Chambers family opens their barn to everybody, and often has high school interns there learning the tricks of the trade and how to run a farm efficiently.  The family supports their community in every way they can, and the community is grateful to know the family is there working day in and day out to provide the best possible dairy products to the community. 

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