Cooperate With Cabot?

Cabot Creamery is an award-winning co-operative owned and operated by 800 member dairy farm families throughout New England and Upstate New York.  We value community, democracy and local ownership.  And we support the communities where our member-families and consumers live and do business. As a co-operative, Cabot honors the Rochdale Cooperative Principles which are the principles of cooperation that guide the operations of co-ops around the world.  That means that we value community, member equity, democratic governance and local ownership. Concern for community is an important principal to our farmers, and you’ll find our member-owners as volunteers in every aspect of their communities, from service as volunteer firefighters to membership on school boards and planning commissions.

We have successful co-operative partnerships with other food co-operatives, credit unions, agriculture purchasing co-operatives, rural electric utility co-operatives and many more.

Talk to us about how we can partner to benefit your members and your communities and be sure to check out our Co-operative Programs today!

How We Partner with Our Fellow Co-ops:

Cabot can provide cheese samples and gift boxes for member and employee events, meetings, etc. We can also provide coupons with your organization’s logo to use as membership incentives or recognition.


Co-ops For community

Use our Co-ops for Community Patch Program to engage with a local scouting or community group. Inspire youth in your community to learn more about thevalue of co-operatives as a better business model.


Growing Health and WealthUse our Growing Health and Wellness program to engage children in your community, which highlights both financial and physical health and wellness.


ResourcesShare Cabot’s health education resources with members as content for e-blasts, including health tips, recipes and hand-outs. Host a ‘Lunch and Learn’ with one of Cabot’s dietitians for your employees and members.

Spokesperson Beth Kennett


Cabot can provide speakers at your next conference or meeting on topics such as Co-op Marketing, Healthy Aging and Wellness and others.

Reward Volunteers

Sign up your members and employees for generous prizes and recognition of their volunteerism using our Reward Volunteers program.


Want to Cooperate as a Co-operative?

Let us know a bit about you and what you need and we’ll be back to you.

Co-operate With Cabot