Our Co-op in Action

What does it mean to be a Co-op and why are we different? 

As a cooperative, Cabot is owned and operated by its members – the family dairy farmers who are the source of Cabot’s dairy products. We follow the Seven Rochdale principles for co-operatives. Here are a few of the ways we put the Rochdale principles into action.

Farm Families Cooperative Photo

As a co-operative, Cabot honors the Rochdale Cooperative Principles which are the principles of cooperation that guide the operations of co-ops around the world.  That means that we value community, member equity, democratic governance and local ownership. Concern for community is an important principal to our farmers, and you’ll find our member-owners as volunteers in every aspect of their communities, from service as volunteer firefighters to membership on school boards and planning commissions.

Cooperation Among Co-ops

Another important Rochdale Principle is cooperation with other co-operatives.  That means helping each other out and looking for ways to partner on business opportunities that put our shared values to good purpose.  In that spirit, over the years Cabot’s co-op partners have included credit unions, food co-ops, agricultural purchasing co-ops and rural electric co-ops.  It also means that we are always looking for more opportunities to cooperate with other co-operatives.

Co-operative Programs

Learn more about our Co-operative programs and ways you can partner with Cabot!

Growing Health & Wealth Co-ops for Community  


Cabot’s Co-op Partners

Over the years, we have partnered with hundreds of co-ops. Neighboring Food Coop Association is among these partners and here are just a few more:

NCBA Co-op Food Stores  Co-op Stronger Together  CUNA  ShopRite 

Touchstone Energy CooperativeFlorida NaturalSelfHelp




Co-operate with Cabot

Cabot celebrates the cooperative spirit and reinforces our business philosophy with a Co-op to Co-op Program. As a member of a co-op, we have many ways we can cooperate, including providing samples of our “Worlds Best” cheddar, gift boxes and coupons for your next annual meeting or event.