Cabot Farmers' Best, now available in Cracker Cut Slices

26 ready-to-serve slices, in 7 mouthwatering varieties.

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Cheese Board Ideas for the Holidays

Festive Cheddar Tree

This quick and easy Festive Cheddar Tree cheeseplate using the World's Best Cheddar, is a great appetizer to serve up to your guests!

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Cheese Plate Perfection

An ideal snacking staple, cracker cuts make a beautiful cheese plate quick and easy—entertaining made simple with Cabot's convenient Cracker Cuts! 

Delicious Pairing Ideas

  • Vermont Extra Sharp
    Whole Grain Mustard, Pepperonis, Carr's Rosemary Cracker
  • Seriously Sharp Yellow
    Green Apple Slices, Honey, Triscuit
  • Pepper Jack
    Roasted Red Pepper, Parsley Sprig, Carr's Plain Cracker
  • Colby Jack
    Summer Sausage, Chives, Multigrain Cracker
  • Seriously Sharp White
    Fig Jam, Thyme, Carr's Whole Wheat Cracker
  • Vermont Sharp
    Prosciutto, Green Pear Slices, Thyme, Carr's Square Cracker

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