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Lactose Intolerance ›

Lactose intolerant dairy lovers, rejoice! When making cheddar, the milk is separated into curds and whey, and the whey (where most of the lactose is) is drained from the curds, which are then pressed into blocks of cheese. Any residual lactose remaining in the cheese is broken down in the natural aging process. So aged cheeses, like Cabot cheddars, contain zero grams of lactose.

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Cabot Cheese is Gluten Free

Gluten Intolerance ›

All of Cabot's products are gluten-free with the exception of our spreadable cheddars and deli cheese that is repacked at your local grocery store. Due to our sourcing, we cannot guarantee these products to be wheat-free. All of the rest of Cabot's products and ingredients have been researched and verified to be gluten-free and are produced in a gluten-free environment.

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Heart Healthy ›

Need to keep your blood pressure in check? The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet recommends eating 9 servings of fruit/vegetables and 3 lowfat dairy servings each day. And Cabot Cheddars are lower in salt compared to many other brands.

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Light Cheddars are low in fat and calories

Light Cheddars

Enjoy these cooking tips using Cabot's Light Cheddars.

Heat & Melt: Use lower heat and give it more time for best melting results. 

Shred & Grate: Our Sharp Extra Light Cheddar makes a great substitute for other hard cheeses like Parmasan & Romano due to similar low moisure content.

Zap & Ooze: When microwaving, cook covered on a low setting, rotate often and stir frequently to get perfect oozing goodness.

Savor the Flavor: Our Light Cheddars have won every major award for taste. Made with pure, fresh, wholesome milk.