Fish - A 2 Day Supper Meal Plan

Supper number one features homemade fish sticks with a golden cheesy coating.

The Panko crumbs and cheese are pre-baked for about 5 minutes to give them color, crunch and the flavor of those delectable bits of toasty cheddar that drip off a grilled cheese sandwich. Serve them with a veggie or store-bought slaw. For little dippers, you can add some marinara or tartar sauce.

Since you’ve baked some unadorned fish along with the sticks, the next supper is a California breeze. Make a quick salsa of sweet mandarin oranges and avocado, a simple crema from Greek Yogurt, and shred a little cabbage. Microwave the fish, toast some corn tortillas and let everyone wrap up dinner their way.

Day 1: Crispy Cheddar Fish Sticks

Day 2: Fish Tacos with Mandarin-Avocado Salsa

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