Fletcher Farm, LLC

Pittsfield, ME
250 milkers and 300 young stock

If you like to sleep in, dairy farming may not be your first career choice. Walter and Edna Fletcher have about 250 milkers and 300 young stock on their farm in central Maine, and if you happen to be up at 3:30 in the morning, you'll find them in the barn milking their cows. This takes about three hours, and then the real work begins for the day. There's land to plow, crops to plant or harvest, and machinery to maintain until 3:00 rolls around and they do the second milking for the day. Walter usually calls it quits around 6:30 in the evening unless there's still some sunlight left and more harvesting or planting to do. 

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The Fletcher Farm in Pittsfield, ME is painted the iconic red plaid. Watch it now!
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Watch Agri-Mark Board Member, Walter Fletcher, talk about his connection to the land and his community.

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