Together we help each other.

Fundraising that makes a real difference. Every purchase of Cabot cheese for your fundraising project supports two vital causes — your non-profit organization and our dairy farm families who own Cabot. Together we help each other. That’s called “win-win” — and we want to help you win big at your next fundraiser.

Get started raising more funds than ever — today!

Download the forms needed to get started on your Cabot Fundraising Program

Fundraiser Order Form

Download and print this form.
Give these forms to your students to begin their fundraising efforts. Send completed forms to Eric LeBeau (fax: 802.425.2765).



Coordinator of Fundraising Order Form

Download (pdf) and print this form.
Use this form to order cases once you have consolidated your individual order forms. Send completed forms to Eric LeBeau (fax: 802.425.2765).