The generosity of the 800 farm-families who own Cabot and their interest in supporting the communities in which they live and where they sell products allows us to offer donations.

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The Farm Families who own Cabot thank you!

Does your organization work to make your community a better place? Do they assemble or collect at food banks during big drives? Do they build, clean, or clear neighborhood housing, gardens, playgrounds or beaches?

We want to help fuel busy volunteers and staff, no matter what they are doing to help make the world a better place. Any volunteer organization is open for consideration.


When the Gratitude Touring Team visits your town, the Hospice Volunteer Squad could be available if you need to afford your good people respite or just take advantage of new folks! We believe in volunteering and giving back to communities where we farm and where we sell our dairy products. 

To schedule our volunteer squad or discuss further, please contact Leslie Davis.

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Learn How You Can Be Rewarded For Volunteering

Cabot Rewards Volunteers

Join Cabot Farmer, Liberty Hill Farm and many others as we reward volunteers for the time spent volunteering in their community. Track your time and earn rewards for your efforts!

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