Greek-Style Yogurt Substitutions

HOLY GREEK COW! Their new Greek-style Vanilla yogurt is out of this world delicious! Want to get kids to eat their fruits? Add this stuff and you can't go wrong! A sublime product. Thank you Cabot!

What are the Benefits

  1. Cabot Greek-Style Yogurt provides an easy and delicious way to add more protein & essential nutrients to your diet. With twice the protein of regular yogurt, it can be enjoyed as is or substituted in recipes.
  2. Eating protein-rich food like Cabot Greek-Style Yogurt not only contributes to your overall health, but also helps keep you feeling fuller longer and more satisfied after a meal.
  3. Protein plays many important roles in your body making it essential for good health and is the foundation of healthy muscles, eyes, skin and hair.
  4. Cabot Greek-Style Yogurt is an excellent source of vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium. Both are key nutrients in building and maintaining strong bones.
  5. Use Greek-Style Yogurt in your favorite baking recipe to improve flavor and reduce calories.

I ♥ cabot vanilla bean greek style yogurt ... & now have found the strawberry greek yogurt! yum!

Text: I just had your strawberry greek yogurt for breakfast and OMG! Never buying another greek yogurt again! The other ones leave that gross dry feeling in the back of my throat but yours is AMAZING!

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