Greek Yogurt Substitutions
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Easy & Enjoyable Greek Yogurt Recipes 

If you’re on the hunt for a new sauce, dip or condiment to try out on your grilled meats, consider trying any of our delicious recipes for Greek yogurt dips & sauces.

We've got a variety of yummy recipes that can be used as a spread, dip or sauce and we know you'll love them. Also check out our Greek Yogurt Substition Guide and all the great benefits you receive by eating Greek Yogurt.

The Benefits of Eating Greek Yogurt

What are the Benefits?

  1. Provides an easy, delicious way to add more protein & nutrients to your diet. With twice the protein of regular yogurt, it can be enjoyed as is or substituted in recipes.
  2. Eating protein-rich food like Cabot Greek Yogurt not only contributes to your overall health, but keeps you feeling fuller longer and more satisfied after a meal.
  3. Protein plays many important roles in your body making it essential for good health and is the foundation of healthy muscles, eyes, skin and hair.
  4. An excellent source of vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium. Both are key nutrients in building and maintaining strong bones.
  5. Use in your favorite baking recipe to improve flavor and reduce calories.

I just had your Strawberry Greek Yogurt for breakfast and OMG, never buying another greek yogurt again! The other ones leave that gross dry feeling in the back of my throat but yours is AMAZING!

Hungry Yet? Check out our delicious Greek Yogurt recipe videos.

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