What is Growing Health & Wealth?

This program encourages grandparents and parents to help their young ones understand the importance of healthy choices and money.

The Growing Health and Wealth Activity Kit was created for families of 6-10 year olds. Key themes include building STRONG BONES and bodies through exercise, dairy calcium and food along with building STRONG VALUES about money through ways to save, spend and share it.

The Kit Includes:

A key component of the Growing Health and Wealth program are Moneyboxes that help you and your child to develop personal goals, wishes and positive experiences. We encourage you to create your own Moneyboxes by using simple household containers and materials.

Get Started

  1. Download the kit and print the Save, Spend, and Share labels (pdf).
  2. Gather 3 sturdy containers that have lids or tops such as milk boxes, plastic yogurt or cottage cheese cups, coffee tins, etc.
  3. Next make a slot in each container to drop coins and dollars in – make the hole large enough so that money can easily be dropped in, but won’t fall out.
  4. Get Crafty! Attach a labels (pdf) to each container. Encourage your child to decorate their containers to represent the three themes: Save, Spend, and Share, and start collecting!

Congratulations! You’re off to a great start for growing health and wealth!

These materials are provided compliments of Cabot Creamery Cooperative and the New York Credit Union Foundation.