Balance and Wellness for Healthy Aging

For Cabot Creamery, the Art of Aging is at the heart of our cheddar making.  Each cheddar flavor has been hand-tended and kept for just the right amount of time for a specific profile.  There are no fixed times for certain flavors, but rather a qualitative judgment by our expert cheddar graders.   

For Cabot consumers – from boomers to Millennials – the Art of Aging is a life-style choice:   Physical activity, volunteering, healthy meals and snacks along with a generous spirit.   We use this section of our web site to feature recipes and programs we think add to the Art of Aging. 

Make a Habit Out Of Healthy Eating & Exercise

Healthy habits take time, and experts say tracking progress is the key to success.  We’ve developed the following tools and tips to help you succeed.

Steps 1 & 2: Plan It and Track It with our handy Healthy Habits Chart

Step 3: Be accountable and seek support.  

  • Track your goals and progress.
  • Share your plan of action and ask for support & encouragement from friends.
  • Join groups like nutrition education and exercise classes.
  • Find a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) or exercise specialist for support and accountability.
  • Create a healthy environment – home pantry, fridge & dining options.  

“Volunteers can reap the benefits of both mental and physical health by doing good.” Check out Reward Volunteers to get involved and benefit from volunteering.

-Sara Wing, Cabot RD & Fit Health Team Creator