Food for Thought - Healthy Food For Hungry Students

Great minds are fueled by great food. Watch our snack videos below for some healthy snack ideas for kids, as well as a delicious weeknight dinner, that are quick and easy to make.

The mouthwatering recipes below feature the World’s Best Cheddar and will be inhaled on the way to school, enjoyed after sports practice, or devoured at dinnertime.

Our Ham, Cheese-n-Egg Cups are a great way to conquer the cravings of the hungriest student. Made with Cabot Sharp Lite50 Cheddar, they’re warm and cheesy and are a good way to fuel up for breakfast, for lunch or a healthy snack. 

For those super busy weeknights, instead of resorting to fast food or take-out, make our Tamale Skillet Supper. It comes together quickly and is tasty and healthy too – a much better alternative to the drive-thru any day!

Our Cabot Cheddar Pizza Bites are a surefire way to tackle your favorite student’s hunger after a hard day at school or for a late-night study session. These small bites of pizza perfection are sure to make homework more fun.