Hidden View Farm

Champlain, NY
1,000+ acres
1,100 - 600 milking, 500 replacement stock

The three Tetreault brothers, Dan, Don, and Dale run Hidden View Farm in Champlain, New York. When their dad, John Paul, first bought the farm in 1953, they had a few hundred acres and milked 20 cows. It was hand to mouth at the time, and they often had to steal bolts from one piece of equipment to get another one to run. Over the years, they have built the farm up and now have over 1,000 acres, 600 milking cows, and about 500 replacement stock. It's been a long, rewarding journey. The farm has been featured in Eastern Dairy Business Magazine and Hoards Dairyman for the Tetreaults' herd management and growth over the years. They have never purchased a single cow and have bred and raised the herd entirely on their own.


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