How to Choose the Perfect Cheese Tool

From planes to cleavers to skeleton knives, there’s a delicious variety of tools available for enjoying your favorite cheeses. We’ll help you choose the best cheese tool for the job no matter what you’re craving. 


Flat Knife

Also known as a chisel knife, flat knives are short, sharp, and study—ideal for slicing away healthy hunks and thick slices of semi-hard cheeses like our award-winning Seriously Sharp Cheddar.

Cheese Cleaver

Sometimes simply called a cheddar cleaver, these fun knives are made for slicing into firmer cheeses like our slow-aged 2 Year Cheddar—and make an eye-catching addition to any cheese platter


Cheese Plane

Great for semi-soft or semi-hard cheeses like our classic Vermont Sharp Cheddar, cheese planes produce thin, even slices perfect for luscious sampling or smooth melting. 

Cheese Fork

Cheese forks make a versatile addition to any cheese lover’s toolkit, perfect for holding cheese bars or blocks steady while you slice, or spearing hunks for delicious, rustic enjoyment. 


Skeleton Knife

Designed for soft, creamy cheeses like brie or camembert, a skeleton knife’s minimal surface area helps keep cheese from sticking for a less messy, more elegant presentation.

The Ultimate Cheese Pairing Guide

Wondering which foods or wines go best with your favorite types of cheese? We’re here to help.

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