How to Cut Cheese Like a Pro

Whether you’re making gooey grilled cheese or building a gorgeous cheeseboard, choosing the right cut and shape can make all the difference. We’ll help you slice, wedge, cube, triangle, and crumble Cabot cheese like a pro. 

Cheese Slices

Slices are the perfect cut for sandwiches, burgers, and, of course, cheese and crackers. Bring your cheese to room temperature for easier slicing and fuller flavor. Slice thin for smooth melting, thick for luscious snacking. Choosing the perfect knife can make all the difference. 

Cheese Wedges

Wedges are beautiful and easy to execute. Cut your round cheese in half down the center, then slice from the center outward, cutting your cheese into evenly sized wedges like a pie or cake. Arrange in the original round shape for a gorgeous presentation. 

Cheese Cubes

Cubes are the ideal shape for easy snacking since they’re so perfectly poppable and easy to spear with toothpicks. Place your cheese bar on its side and carefully halve. Then lay the cheese flat and cut long ways into thirds. Rotate and slice across to create cubes. Voilà.

Cheese Triangles

Triangles are a fun shape perfect for grabbing and dipping in chutneys, mustards, or other spreads. To make an easy triangle shape, first slice your cheese, then cut diagonally from corner to corner and you’ve got an elegant new look perfect for a beautiful cheeseboard.

Cheese Crumbles

As cheddar ages, it loses moisture content, making its texture denser. To create elegantly rustic crumbles, first bring your aged cheddar to temperature. Cut thick, 1-2-inch wedges, then using washed hands or kitchen gloves, slowly break the cheese into chunks and crumbles, leaving the edges perfectly imperfect.