JoJo's Answers About Death

Written By Roberta MacDonald

JoJo anwered my questions about death over a two-and-a-half year period, beginning when JoJo was five.

This book started when JoJo’s mom asked if I would talk to her about death. JoJo’s mom appreciated that I, a hospice volunteer, might have perspective for her daughter’s questions, that maybe I’d gained some insight I could share with her child. Easy enough to apply my hospice training! I’m not here to pitch a certain philosophy or religion; I am here to let the dying talk and express their ideas. But could it apply to a child? So I Iistened and took notes when JoJo talked about her ideas about what dying meant. I asked the questions; JoJo gave me the answers. And to lend perspective to her ideas and her terrifically-diverse school population, I tossed in a few cultural facts in case she gifts her classmates with copies of her book.

JoJo and I hope this book makes talking about death–something that happens to all of us–a little easier for you and those you love.

Started in 2012, first edition 2015.

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