Kenyon Hill Farm

Cambridge, NY
1,000+ acres
700 cows

All in the Family

Just west of the Green Mountain National Forest about an hour north of Albany, two generations of Nolans are raising a third to take as much pride as they do in the family’s prize-winning registered herd of Holsteins. Brothers Curtis, Shane and Ryan have all joined their parents, Michael and Donna, as partners in Kenyon Hill Farm, dividing tasks to complement each other. “Mom does the books and takes care of all the headaches,” Shane says. “I guess you can say she has the most important job.” 

All three generation of Nolans love their farm.
The Nolan brothers have joined their parents on the farm.
They raise blue ribbon registered Holsteins.
It is nice to know we will keep the farm in our family for years to come.

To see more photos of Kenyon Hill Farm’s prize-winning cows and the adorable third generation of Nolan farmers, check out their Facebook page.

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