Lolans Farm

Middleborough, MA

Susan and Sam Shields run Lolans Farm about 15 miles from the ocean in southern Massachusetts. The location is ideal because the weather is temperate throughout much of the year, and it's easy to keep the cows cool. Susan's grandparents bought the farm in 1946 when her dad was 14, and her parents ran the operation after Susan's grandparents retired. Susan and her three siblings were raised milking cows and tending the gardens. Susan and Sam ultimately went into partnership with Susan's parents until 1997, when they took over the operation. They raised their three children on the farm, and while none have built a career in dairy farming, according to Susan, "There's no better place to raise a family. The kids helped out, had chores, learned responsibility, and developed a love of the land. I wouldn't have it any other way."

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