Meet Cabot's Cheese Graders

Using a craft that’s equal parts art and science, our graders decide what mouthwatering variety each cheese becomes. 

Meet Ted Brown

Cheese grader since 1996

Favorite Cheese: Cabot Private Stock Cheddar Cheese

“I love the ever-changing challenges and variables of the cheese world. It’s a never-ending labor of love.” 

Meet Gina Accorsi

Cheese grader since 2018

Favorite Cheese: Cabot Legacy Alpine Cheddar Cheese

“When you’re grading, you focus on every detail. I want to make sure that what you taste is amazing.”

You’re this person who ensures that what people are going to taste represents the hard work that everybody puts into all of this cheese.

- Gina Accorsi

Meet Adam Heustis

Cheese Grader since 2013

Favorite Cheese: Cabot Medium Yellow Cheddar

“I love learning to carefully break down, understand, and identify the subtle flavors within each piece of cheese I taste.”

Meet Jeff Richards

Cheese grader since 1984

Favorite Cheese: Cabot New York Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

“My favorite part about being a cheese grader is working with many different people through the years.”

Once in a Century Cheddar Flavor

For the past five years, our cheese graders have expertly tended our Centennial 5 Year CheddarWe don’t mind saying we think it will be the best cheddar you ever eat—full of sublime, complex flavors that will linger in your memory long after you taste it.

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