Midsummer City

Written By Roberta Harold

A contemporary, urban take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this play is specifically adapted to engage middle school students. 

It features love-crazed space aliens, star-crossed teenagers, loggers moonlighting as Catskills lounge lizards, a romance between a judge and a hip-hop queen and the heroine, Mia Estevez, facing the dreaded prospect of a Quinceañera in combat boots. If it sounds absolutely crazy and fun, it is!

If you decide to produce the play, your only obligation is to run a Cabot ad in your program or performance hand-out. This gives the farmers who own Cabot credit for their investment in your students and community. Please send us a copy of the materials as proof of honoring this commitment. We’d also appreciate receiving copies of any reviews or letters from the cast, crew and audience.

*The script, art for the program cover, poster and tickets are all available upon completing the registration form.