Miller Farm

Morrisville, VT
200 acres
125 milking cows

We Take Care of Cows and They Take Care of Us

Shaun Miller grew up across town from the family dairy where he eventually became the fourth generation to take over the farm he now owns with his wife, Debra Alberghini-Miller, a teacher. Throughout his early years, Shaun spent a lot of time on the farm though he did not necessarily plan to become the next in charge. “It wasn’t my intention really. It just kind of happened,” he admits. That said, he’s always loved being around animals. “I can’t imagine going a day without it. I find it rewarding to be able to do a good job.” 

It's not easy. It seems like every day brings its own challenge. I take ownership of making it work.
- Shaun Miller

Taking ownership

The farmer speaks honestly about the issues facing dairy. He considers membership in the co-op to have been one of the most critical farming decisions the family made, just a year before his dad, Sonny, passed away. “The Cabot brand is everything,” he says. “The products are so good. It makes the co-op work.”  "We would not be making the investments in this farm that we've made if we were not a member of the Agri-Mark coop".

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