Morgan Hill Farm

Bridport, VT
600 acres
130 milking cows

Happy cows

Morgan Hill Farm is home to Jerry and Cheryl Connor and their 200 cattle, including the milking herd of 130. Holsteins and Jerseys are joined by the less common Lineback breed, which are known for their distinctive coloration featuring a white line down the spine, hence “lineback. The cows spend as much time as possible out on pasture. You can see just how excited they are in the morning when it is time to head outside, says Cheryl.

The Connors bought the farm from Jerry’s parents, who started farming there in 1968.
The farm boasts amazing views.
The Mountain View Inn was first established in 1879.
Jerry has a collection of more than 40 antique tractors.

Want to experience the Farm Life for a night or two yourself? Stay with the Connors! And if you can't make it out, keep up with them on Facebook

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