Nutrition Activities: Cows, Calcium and Cheese

An “udderly” fun-filled nutrition activity kit to teach K-9th grade students about nutrition with a focus on calcium awareness and bone health.  The kit includes two free posters and an activity guide.

As both a teacher and a farmer, I look forward to having this resource in my classroom.
 -Peggy Ainsworth, 4th Grade Teacher

  • LEARN about the power of persuasion, nutrition and advertising by getting your friends to try a favorite snack recipe in “Trick or Treat Your Friends to a Quick ‘N Healthy Snack”.
  • DISCOVER everything you have always wanted to know about a cow – how much they eat, what they eat and how it relates to what we eat – in “How Now Brown Cow – Make a Cow Pizza.” Challenge your students with “Cowculating Food Facts” where students cowculate the nutrients in their favorite cafeteria lunch meal.
  • WATCH the The Story of Cabot video and the Beyond the Bovine video now!

Download Activity Booklet Here

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