Our Co-operative

“Work like a farmer.”

At Cabot’s creameries, that’s a saying we take seriously—a daily reminder of our roots and a constant inspiration.  

Working like a farmer means giving all you can to your job. We focus on long-term sustainability, not quick fixes. Everyone here, at every level, has an integral role to play in cheese production. Maybe that’s why Cabot employee tenure gets measured in decades, not years. 

It means that we’re all in this together, all working toward one goal: making the world’s best cheese and dairy products. There’s a lot of pride in the work that we do, and it shows in the care and attention to every last detail. It shows in the ways we give back to our communities. 

Just as Cabot farmers devote themselves to the health of their land and cows, we here at the creameries are always working to update our plants and invest in sustainable practices. We’re proud that Cabot is the world’s first dairy co-operative to become a certified B Corporation.

We feel lucky. This is a good life. And it’s our honor to make the World’s Best Cheddar for you.

Why a Co-op?

Coops for a Better WorldBecause making milk with our families is at the heart of our commitment to our communities.  

Because together as 800 Northeast dairy farms we make the best cheddar on the planet.

Because we believe co-ops ensure a better world now and for the future of all our communities.