Cabot's Farm Families

There are no shortcuts on a farm. There’s no such thing as paid vacation and the cows don’t care if you’re tired. But Cabot dairy farmers chose this way of life—and we love it.

We love how everything is connected. We take care of the land and so the grass grows green and tall, which makes the cows happy—and happy cows produce rich, buttery milk, which makes for cheese and other products that win awards year after year. And the more people love our Cabot family of products, then the more our dairy farms will thrive—today and into the future.

That sense of connection, of generational purpose, is what led to the formation of the Cabot co-operative in the first place. Cabot’s 800 co-op farms all want the same thing: to provide for our families, give back to our communities, and produce the best cheese in the world.