Ara-Kuh Farm

Ara-Kuh Farm

Lowville, NY
150 acres
50 milking stock

Kuh is cow

“My dad grew up a city boy but he always just loved animals,” says Joe Shultz. “When he was a kid, he worked for a guy who milked about eight or ten cows and my dad peddled the milk around the community.” Joe, the second oldest of four boys, inherited his father’s love of animals fostered by growing up on his parents’ small dairy. Today, Joe and his wife, Sue, run their farm with the help of son, Bronson. It is called Ara-Kuh after the original family farm in Arabia, New York and the German word for cow, “kuh.”

The Shultzs work together on the farm and in the cheese plant
Fresh milk makes fresh curds.
"Each beginning and each end of season we enjoy. The change is good."
- Joe Schultz

Want to taste the Shultz’s fresh cheese curds? Learn more.

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