Our Land

If you close your eyes, you can see what we get to see every day. The rolling hills of New England and New York, dotted with red barns and white silos, brown or black-and-white cows in the lush fields. 

We don’t own the land—we borrow it, we tend it until we pass it on. If we take care of the land, it takes care of us. We don’t ask for more than it can give, and we don’t seek more than we need. Sustainable farming isn’t just a pretty idea: we live it. Our farms win awards for their pioneering approach to sustainability—some even use cow manure to generate electricity! The hard work we put in leads directly to what we receive. 

This way of life has purpose. For generations, we’ve worked with the rhythms of the day, of the seasons. We adapt, we experiment: we find better ways to power our farms, better ways to ensure the health of the land and water. This is our home.

“You’ll taste all of this in any Cabot product—the experience, the commitment, the love. And you’ll never forget it.”

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