Our Pledge to Sustainability

Living Within our Means & Ensuring the Means to Live

At Cabot, we value multiple bottom lines, healthy natural resources, human well-being and, by extension, our Cabot community. We are committed to the principles of cooperation, and support our communities. Our co-operative’s typical member is a multi-generational dairy farm familyAs a cooperative, the scope of our sustainability work is very broad – we recognize our impacts from cow-to-creamery-to-customer.

Our diagram depicts what we see as our scope, both on the Farm or cooperative side (cow-to-creamery) and on the Brand or commercial side (creamery-to-customer). We are proud that our Cabot fans are interested in all of these elements as they choose to support our brand with their purchases.

Stay in the loop on Sustainability topics and hear what our Farmers are up to on the Cabot Blog!