Partner Product Donation Requests

At Cabot, we believe in encouraging volunteerism and giving back by offering support for non-profit organizations and volunteer events in communities around the country.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by supplying cheese or gift boxes for events like silent auctions, raffles, receptions, volunteer appreciation events, and more.

We appreciate your interest in including Cabot in your upcoming event. On behalf of our farm family owners, Cabot Creamery Co-operative is proud when we can partner with groups like yours that support family and community.

Request a Product Donation

Helpful Information

  • Once your application is submitted, our Gratitude Team will review your request and respond within two weeks of receiving your application.  Due to the high volume of requests we are unfortunately not able to fulfill all product donation requests.
  • The quantity and variety of cheese provided will be determined based on the number of event attendees, the other food served at the event, and the Cabot products available in your area. Typically, we send 8 ounce bars that can be cubed or sliced.
  • Please complete your request at least 6 weeks prior to the date of your event. It’s never too soon to request product for your event.
  • When you receive your Cabot shipment all products need to be refrigerated upon arrival.
  • For Storage, these dimensions can be used as a reference for space needed to store the cheese.
    1 case of ¾ oz. snack bars (96/cs): 8.1”x 6.1”x 5.2” OR 1 case of 8oz. Bars (12/cs): 2.7”x 6.6”x 14.8”.
  • All items will be shipped via FedEx the week before your event (unless otherwise specified). We will provide FedEx tracking information to confirm the delivery date.
  • If you would like to include the Cabot logo in any promotional material or give us a shout out on social media, please refer to our “Thank You” Toolkit.