Partnering for a Better Health

Partnerships are a cornerstone of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative spirit and represent the best opportunity to enhance nutrition and physical activity as a team.

Through our partnerships and interactive nutrition-based learning activities, Cabot is working to grow healthier children, families, schools and communities.

We are grateful to our partners and encourage you to explore their quality programs and resources. If you are also interested in partnering with Cabot’s educational programs, please send an email to

Our Partners

Fuel Up to Play 60

An in-school nutrition and physical activity program that helps students make positive changes in their schools by improving opportunities to consume nutrient-rich foods and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Sign up for Fuel Up to Play

SAY Soccer

Cabot Cheese is a preferred snack for SAY Soccer! We have teamed up to provide leagues, players and coaches with nutritional know-how and of course the “World’s Best” cheddar as well as other high-quality dairy products for tournaments and training. Find out if you can become a SAY Soccer team

The Brain Show

Cabot is sending cows all over the US! We love partnering with The Brain Show to share nutrition bone building mini bars for their family night program where brains and nutrition come together and our blow up cows get raffled off. Get your Brain Show

Green Education Foundation

Cabot has co-created a sustainability activity with the Green Education Foundation to help middle school students learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle (the 3 R’s) and the value of cooperatives; buying local and connecting your food and its impact on your health, your community and your environment. View the Wonder Wheel! Food for Healthy Kids and a Healthy World activity

Home Baking Assocation

Cabot partners with the Home Baking Association to share nutrition tips, recipes and enhance BA education around baking with families and kids. Healthly recipes for a healthier life.

Action for Healthy Kids

The nation’s leading nonprofit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment, takes action by helping schools become healthier places so our kids can learn to eat right, are active every day and ready to learn. Get resources to create healthy schools and healthy kids!